Sunday, July 5, 2009

~Happy 80th Birthday Aunt Dorothy~

July 4th was not just a celebration across America for the birthday of our country, it was also a surprise birthday party for my Aunt Dorothy Moss. Although I have to say that I am not so sure she was surprised....can't fool her ...she knew something was up! But that's ok, I think she was pretty happy that we all came to see her! Her birthday is actually not till July 8th, but this past weekend, Keith and I drove from Lake Claiborne to Bethel Assembly of God Church in Parker's Chapel, Arkansas to go celebrate her birthday and eat some birthday cake! She sure doesn't look 80 years old to me!

ok, somehow I managed to get a picture of Steve and Janis' grandbabies, but I can't get them to go down any further than this random as it they are!
Ashton, Evan and Alexis! SWEET BABIES!

Aunt Dorothy was married to my Daddy's oldest brother Harmel. Uncle Harmel passed away a few years ago. This is Aunt Dorothy and her children, Ernie, LaJuan and Steve. Steve is the pastor at Bethel. LaJuan lives in Lindale, Texas with her family and Ernie lives in Fayetteville, AR with his wife Mary.

This is my cousin Steve and his whole family! Janis is his wife and they have three sons, Wesley, Brad and Mikey! Wesley has two precious children and Brad is married to Terri and they have a son.This is my sweet cousin LaJuan with her children Katie and Will. Katie was quick to tell me that she is 27 and the "oldest" and Will is the "youngest"! I told her that I had not seen Will since he was a little fellow and she pointed out that he is all grown up now ...but he was still the youngest! :-) Katie had lots to tell me while we were eating our hot dogs and she kept me entertained!

This is Evan, he is Terri and Brad's baby boy. He couldn't keep still and was crawling everywhere or someone was holding him!

Even Keith held Evan for a while. He looks good holding a baby don't ya think! LOL He was quick to tell me to "give him back!" But Evan didn't seem to mind who was holding him as long as he could see what was goin on!

He didn't even mind his birthday hat!

I think he likes to have his picture made and was posing and everything!

Even Aunt Barbara got in on the action of holding Evan....I think he was probably getting tired about this time.

This would be my "boy" cousins...or some of them anyway. This is Steve, Greg and Ernie Moss. Steve and Ernie are Uncle Harmel and Aunt Dorothy's sons and Greg is Uncle Harold and Aunt Jan's son. Aunt Jan had back surgery and she and Uncle Harold couldn't be there...we sure did miss them!

Daddy wanted his picture made with his nephews! I think Evan might be kin to his Uncle Norris a little cause Dad sure likes having his picture made! :-) Love you Daddy!

Not sure what Steve said, but Greg and Ernie were more interested in that than having their pictures made!

This would be the first cousins that were there, Steve, Terri, Greg, LaJuan, Me, Jana and Ernie.

Another of the birthday girl and her kiddos!

This is Steve and Janis' son Mikey and Terri's daughter Shelby. Terris is Uncle Harold and Aunt Jan's only daughter and Shelby is Terri and her Hubby Robin Wasson's only daughter! What a great picture of those two!

This is Greg and LaJuan...caught them in the kitchen catching up with each other and getting hugs! We are a huggie bunch!

See, told you Daddy liked having his picture made...Just kidding..this is a great picture of Dad and Aunt Dorothy!

All along the walls of the family life center were saying and pictures and things pertaining to Aunt Dorothy's birthday. I thought this one fit her really well! It says Angels danced the day you were born. I have so many great memories of summers spent with her and Uncle Harmel in ElDorado and she used to teach me Sunday school and I learned a lot from her!

This was one of the pictures on the wall. My flash wouldn't take very good pics of the pics...but this one turned out pretty good! The one below...not so good! LOL

Evan Moss posing for the camera! He was being a good little boy! Steve and Janis are so proud of their boys and especially proud of their beautiful grandkids. I couldn't catch Wesley's two kiddos long enough to get a picture of the two of them, but you can see them running around behind some of the pictures I did get.

This is Aunt Barbara who was married to Daddy's brother Howard and Aunt Dorothy and Aunt "B"'s daughter Jana. Jana and I grew up together and she lives in Missouri now. I miss her so much and really enjoy getting to see her when I can. Keith and I went to Branson last year for our 20th Anniversary and we went up to see Jana and have supper with her and her children. I could have stayed there visiting with her forever! She has me talked into entering the 1/2 marathon in December for the St. Jude Marathon in Memphis. This past year she and I walked th 5 K. I am sure I will be walking more than running in the 1/2 marathon, but I think I will give it a shot with her!!! Love you Jana!

Steve, Janis and baby Evan......proud grandparents for sure!!! I think Wesley's son is running around in the back ground!

Terri Moss, Shelby Wasson, Terri Wasson and Jana Addison.....I believe that is Brad (Terri Moss' hubby) in the background!

Last but not least, the 4 muskateers! Me, LaJuan, Terri and Jana. I told Keith on the way up to AR that I wanted a picture of the four of us cause who knows when we will be able to get together again! I miss all of them so much and look forward to the next time we all can get together and catch up!

Several folks commented that they were glad that we left our vacation to come up for the party...well I wouldn't have missed Aunt Dorothy's 80th birthday party for anything in the world! I love you Aunt Dorothy!!!! I love the rest of you guys too....we really need to have more family get togethers like we used to!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Continuation promised~~

Brandon's best friends: Miss Brittany Martin and Miss Ellery Baugh...remember the earlier pics...the ones at my house with no make-up after tanning bed....well I promised I would post these to make up for embarassing them with the others....girls, here ya go! You know I love ya!

Summerfield Prom 2009.....I asked them to pose for me and this is what I that not some looks!!! LOL THESE GIRLS CLEAN UP GOOD!!! :-)

Here are the SR's and their dates. Ariel Davis and her date Cody. Brittany Martin and Colby Boman. Zack Knight and Kelsey Lee. Caleb Karl and his Date. Jordan Branch and Clint Lee. Ellery Baugh and Jeremy Smith. They met up at the courthouse for pictures before heading out in the stretch Hummer for dinner!
Here is their ride to dinner and baack to prom......wish we had something like this for our Prom!!!

Miss Ellery all dolled up and my oldest son looking some kinda handsome if I do say so myself!!!!

Brandon is a Freshman and Jerry and Gaye Brunson had some Freshman and Sophomores over for a very nice steak dinner with all the trimmings! They had the table all set with the pretty dishes to make it special for them!! The kids ate and then got ready for prom at their house...took some pictures and headed to Prom

This is Brandon and his date Ashley Martin arriving at Prom! It was trying to sprinkle a little so we took a couple of shots outside and then headed in to get some better pictures.
Aren't they just the cute couple!!! Brandon was none to excited about this tux, but once he got it on, I don't think he wanted to take it off....matter of fact, Charlene told me he slept in the vest and tie I don't know if he was just that tired or just wanted to get his monies worth...he is a little like his Papaw! LOL

Well here it is....the picture Mamaw Mary requested! She told Jeremy she wanted a picture of him and Brandon together....a good picture...not one of them cutting up and if she didn't get it, he had her to contend with...needless to say...Mamaw can get them to behave when no one else can. I sure do have some good looking boys don't I!!!!!! by the way, that wasn't a question...I already know the answer...hehehe!

Miss Brittany Martin...I think she likes posing for the camera!!! She didn't mind all the pictures I was taking like the boys did! Thanks for being such a good sport Brittany! Luv ya!
This is Jeremy and his best bud Cory Thompson...since they are always together I had to have one of the two of them together! Cory and Jeremy clean up real nice too...most days when they are together they are in work clothes and covered in grease or something... good lookin guys!

The four muskateers! Jeremy, Ellery, Brittany and Cory...I get concerned sometimes about these four being together...some of the stories I have heard (that they have chosen to share with me) scare me to death!!! Its good to have friends though! Mama's don't need to know everything guys!....some of that stuff ya'll can keep to yourselves and I won't hold it against ya! LOL

Brandon and Ellery.....She is just so pretty and such a good friend to both my sons!!! Quickly becoming one of my favorite people in the world!!!

Brandon and Brittany...the other one of Brandon's best buddies!!! She too is so very pretty and sweet! Again..another person that is top's in my book!!!

Here is another good picture of Brandon and his date Ashley.....who just so happens to be Brittany's sister. They made such a cute couple....this is just a bunch of good looking kids!!! (can you tell I am a little prejudice cause I am the mama!)

These next few pictures are some more couples: This is Zack Knight and Kelsey Lee

This cute little couple above is my darlin Lauryn Thomas and another boy that frequents my house Tyler Michaud!

Lauryn and Brandon went to daycare together when they were little. Lauryn's mama Tanya is one of my dearest friends and Brandon and Lauryn couldn't go to prom without me getting at least one picture of them together....they grew up together!

This is Miss Raley Aycock and Mr. Nathon Harkins....Good friends and good kids!!!

Raley was actually at prom with her date Austin McCurry....aren't they a cute couple!!!

and........................last but certainly not least is Brandon with Nathon! I love me some Nathon Harkins...he is such a good kid and so much fun to be around. He and Brandon are good friends and I glad that they are!!! Nathon's mama and I have become good friends this one is for you Danielle!!! Love ya girl! Here are our boys!

A great time was had by all the kids.....I think they have slept all day today though...thats what happens when you have so much fun that you stay up ALL NITE LONG! I am very thankful for all these kids and their relationships with my boys and our family!!! They are all good kids and it is an honor for me to know and love each and every one of them! I know I didn't get pictures of all of them...I left before them made it...including my nephew Zach and his pretty little girlfriend, anyone that has picture of the kids I missed, please email them to me!!! I am gonna print them out and make a book for Brandon!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Brandon's Best Friends

I would imagine most Mothers would be concerned if there were two girls hangin out with their son, but these are Brandon's best friends....Brittany Martin and Ellery Baugh.
They are both Senior's at Summerfield this year and Brandon is gonna be lost next year without them. I wanted to go ahead and introduce these crazy girls since Prom is this Friday night and they will be all dolled up and you won't get the full effect of who they are if I just wait and post those this will have to be a to be continued post....cause I will be at Prom lurking about with my camera Friday. They call Brandon "BranFlakes"....this will be a nickname he will carry with him the rest of his high school career and I am sure even after they are gone you will still be able to hear them at the baseball games rooting for ole' BranFlakes! We love you Brit and Ellery!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Brandon's Pitching Debut~

This weekend was the Summerfield Baseball Tournament. We started out Thursday afternoon beating Bernice 15 - 0. Friday night we played Quitman and lost 11 - 7. We were down 9 - 3 when the coach decided to let Brandon pinch hit for another player. The bases were loaded and Brandon got a triple. Charlene made a video and posted it on her Facebook page. You should go check it out, but I warn you....turn down your speakers cause all you can hear is this Mama screaming!!! Not sure who she could be.....but she sure is LOUD!!! Saturday morning, Bernice was supposed to play Shongaloo.....Bernice didn't show so Coach Scriber decided to let our boys play them and told Brandon he was gonna pitch....I was nervous..not sure about Brandon, but he did pretty darn good for his first time to pitch. The picture above is Coach Scriber lining the boys out on where he wanted them to play!!

This is Brandon getting ready to pitch....he really looks like he is praying in this picture...I know I was!!! he is starting his wind up!

And then releasing the ball!!!!

Check out that face!!!! That's his MEAN face...LOL!!!! NOT!!!! Anyway, Summerfield got third in the tournament tonite after playing Homer. The final game between Quitman and Sarepta was still being played when we left! It was an exciting tournament and I look forward to the next few years sitting in those stands watching Brandon aka BRANFLAKES...playing some b-ball and pitching many more games....can you tell I am just a little proud of my boy????